Pedro De La Rosa

I present you guys:Pedro De La Rosa

Artist: Pedro De La Rosa

Genre: Tech House



New Tech House promise

All settled? Ok. Press play and get ready to listen to what will populate your headphones, speakers and lives for the next few months. Trevor O’Neil from Spain is back with another groovy tune that has warm-weather vibes written all over it.

More info, Trevor O’Neil Facebook

Hope you liked it,


There is something addictive about this style of dance music that makes you want to shuffle until your legs fall off. Today we have a bounce banger straight out of Russia from Stich.

This music has every main ingredient to be considered an anthem: a bitchin’ bass-line to make the booty bounce, along with a breakdown that’ll have grandma needing a hip replacement. That just screams ‘anthem.’ Stich haS really set the bar with this one, so put on your best shuffling shoes, turn up the volume, and dance the day away! this track is out on Beatport, so make sure to get your copy now!


The new Dj from Italy, a veteran called Paolo Esse had recently been building anticipation for the lead single, thanks to some unconventional promo.

We won’t say he’s in classic mixtape form just yet, but we’d like to think his relative dormancy lately indicates that he’s bringing a new level of focus to this album.

Stream the track above, and stay tuned for more information, including its new release date.