Today, we present you… Egapia

I have been sitting here for the last hour trying to figure out how best to describe Egapia. Wet crafts songs that have an electronic music appeal whilst at the same time combining electronica and this open aromatic (hard to describe) feeling.

Egapia is your new Dj artist from Argentina.


Check this track by Remco Langedijk

On repeat all the morning,

Remco Langedijk

Progressive House


Remco Langedijk, a 18 years old DJ/Producer from a little town near Amsterdam called Heiloo. Remco’s interest in Electronic Music started when he saw a live show of Armin van Buuren on Dutch television. He was so impressed by the atmosphere and the feeling Armin was giving the people at the show with his music he wanted to DJ himself. Soon after this he started DJ’ing at a local club in his hometown. It was when Remco heard ‘Strobe’ by deadmau5 in 2010 that he decided he wanted to make his own music. After purchasing Logic Pro 9 he was in his bedroom all day long teaching himself how to make Electronic Music and become good at it. After a few years of trying and learning he released two tracks called ‘Feather’ and ‘Something’ on a Italian label called OTB Music Publishing. Remco received support from Oliver Heldens and Sidney Samson when they listened to a couple of his tracks and told him they liked his style and see a bright future ahead of him. Remco is eager to create his own style and make people feel good when listening to his music. Making people happy is all that counts.