Nice video from Giggsy

If you’re having a bad day, press play and close your eyes. Let the soft, it will take you away to a better place.

This music offers a sound that completely overtake what you’re doing, demanding that you stop, listen and enjoy. Giggsy have a knack for creating slow-building, progressive electronic, that eventually crecendos into a melodic climax. This time around, we hear the inclusion of some powerful drumming and lead work, which creates a charging a nice tune that’s worthy of whatever adventures lie ahead.

About the style, this tells a genre that any person can understand to. Check out how it sounds:


Dj Streets

DJ Streets started at the age of 9. Back then, he was known as DJ Shorty140 coming out of Eastchester Projects. At the age of 13, he was in such great demand that people would sneak him inside of clubs just to draw the crowd. DJ Streets would stand on crates while wearing baggy clothing just to fit in. He was who the crowd wanted. Being recognized and thrown out a few clubs motivated Streets to pursue his dreams. And so he began to set up random parties outside of his window of 1240 Burke. He began to build a fan base in his projects. Shortly after, he was sent back to live in the South Bronx. That did not stop his drive as his playing at house parties and school parties turned into block parties and even events for the YMCA. Streets went expanded to playing at Kips Bay, The Boys and Girls Club and also a few school proms and charity events.