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I have been sitting here for the last hour trying to figure out how best to describe Dj Ak. Wet crafts songs that have an electronic music appeal whilst at the same time combining electronica and this open aromatic (hard to describe) feeling.

Dj Ak is your new Dj artist from United Kingdom.



The new Dj from Italy, a veteran called Paolo Esse had recently been building anticipation for the lead single, thanks to some unconventional promo.

We won’t say he’s in classic mixtape form just yet, but we’d like to think his relative dormancy lately indicates that he’s bringing a new level of focus to this album.

Stream the track above, and stay tuned for more information, including its new release date.


Some of my readers ask me about true independent progressive house producers… well, I bring you Fahjah with this eargasm:

The track comes in the form of a new instrumental (emphasis on the -mental) track ‘Don Diablo Matt Nash Starlight Could You Be Mine Fahjah Bootleg Remix Free Download’ synth arrangements fade in and out of one another as Fahjah adds a heavenly pad extension into the mix, resulting in a ride through progressive house soundscapes and off the wall production. Check out the track above and be on the lookout for more music from Fahjah in the near future.

More info:

Kassandre Maharajh was born in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) in 1996, and was surrounded from a very young age by music. All of his siblings and his mother play musical instruments. His first musical experience was on the drums. He continued his musical journey by learning the harmonium, the alto/soprano/baritone/tenor saxophones, the clarinet, and the piano. Kassandre was surrounded early in his life by Caribbean, classical, pop rock, dance and techno music. Kassandre developed early on the ability to combine and integrate different musical instruments and sounds by attending band camps. Combined with his hands-on experience on different instruments and the training he received in percussion, Kassandre was able to develop an expertise for creating extremely rhythmic and engaging dance, techno and progressive house musical pieces. Kassandre started producing Progressive/Electro house music professionally under the name Fahjah in January 2013 and went on to create the musical piece titled Luck which was his first ever record label release. It was released under the label L8T Recordings Fahjah currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).

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