Exclusive: Giggsy, Electronic Dj

I’m sure you’re all aware that Daft Punk is the next best thing since kung-fu and karate, but are you completely familiar with Giggsy yet? If you aren’t completely familiar of this new artist, then now is the time to soak it all in through musical osmosis! The water drop samples will surely help in the process on Giggsy’ tunes!



ImageTalk about teasers! Ferry Corsten, listed as the 15th richest DJ by Forbes, releases this teaser to his upcoming track “Diss!”. You don’t even need to hear the whole thing to know this will be good.

Hardwell North America Tour 2014

Last year Hardwell took the #1 spot onDJ Mag’s annualvote. And with a new year gearing in, the 26-year old took on the road with his “North America Tour 2014.” Soon afterHardwell wonthis achievement, it’s only natural for him to give us an encore by touring beside electro house connoisseurs Dannic and Dyro.

These names havedefinitely gotten quite a reputation out there and it was very apparentwhen the army of fans lined up to get inside the House of Blues, line took up nearly half of Landsownestreet down.

With festival season underway, the electronic dance music scene is only starting to heat up. It wasn’t too long ago that Hardwell alsoperformed at Ultra Music Festival, serving us a taste of what’s to come for the year. Although, some may argue of Hardwell’s repetitive ingredients during his sets lack additional elements, credit must be due where credit is seen.

What made this show different from what i witnessed at Tomorrowworld, is thatthere was a bit more of an interaction during the show in Boston. The crowd’s incredible amount of energy was reflective of the lights and sounds delivered to the audience by Hardwell.

I won’t deny, experiencing thebuild up that is leading to achant, the countdown orDropping the bass arefun ways to get “hyped” at a show, but it gets overwhelming and repetitive when it is done multiple times.

Hardwell did at least manage to step out of that realm for and give us something to sing along with some “Born to Rage” X “Synthemilk” or Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” and closed out the show by playing a “Spaceman VIP” and a swervy moombahton remix. While his set did feel somewhat generic, I have to hand it to Hardwell for including a little bit of everything for concertgoersto enjoy.

Overall, Hardwell’s show wasan enjoyable experience that includeda fancy light production. Remainingon top of the music boards is no easy feat, so we hope to see Hardwell progress and give the audience something even bigger for upcoming shows/festivals.

Today, we present you… Giggsy

There is something addictive about this style of dance music that makes you want to shuffle until your legs fall off. Today we have a bounce banger straight out of U.S.A from Giggsy.

This music has every main ingredient to be considered an anthem: a bitchin’ bass-line to make the booty bounce, along with a breakdown that’ll have grandma needing a hip replacement. That just screams ‘anthem.’ Giggsy haS really set the bar with this one, so put on your best shuffling shoes, turn up the volume, and dance the day away! this track is out on Beatport, so make sure to get your copy now!