5 Questions With %C3%B8Rjan Nilsen

4) You’re active in social media – what are the networks you see as most important and why? Do you have favorites?

I set up the world’s first & only Social Network Record Label ‘Solarswarm Recordings’ a couple of years ago, I figured that the social network platform would be a great way to enable trance lovers to interact and really affect the musical output of a record label. Members of the Solarswarm find and submit new tracks to the label for voting in polls using an interactive member-only media page and forum on the website. Once a track gets a 75% YES vote, the track gets signed. Then remixers are chosen in the same way. Members also submit their own photography or artwork to be used as the official release tile. It’s great fun for the members and we have released 11 great records so far!

Still, the biggest moment must have been the release of my first ever artist album ‘In My Opinion’ which came out this summer.. The second proudest moment of my life (holding my daughter Angelica in my arms the first time is still, and will always be the proudest moment).

About places, there’s so many lovely places out there, but it was a lifelong dream going Stateside and to Australia, so visiting those countries was definitely a highlight for me personally.


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