I go through stages where I get quite entranced with certain fashion, foods, music etc. Here are some things I cannot seem to get my fill:

Primary colors

I’ve busted out my opaque tights now that there’s a chill in the air. I love pairing yellow, green, blue or red with gray. Sometimes I probably look like Rainbow Bright but you know what? It makes me happy and I hope it makes you smile too!

Do you like my yellow flats?

Hemp Shakes

No you cannot get high from hemp. However, you can get high on nutrients 😉 Read more about it here The basic idea is that it’s whole plant based protein chalk full of essential amino/fatty acids aka super nourishing to your bod. It loves you back! I’ll have to post about my chocolate hemp smoothie pictured next because it tastes amazing!

Who DOESN’T drink their smoothies from a pint glass? 😉

James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem

I’m going through a very danceable phase in my music right now. I sort of gravitated away from chamber pop ala Grizzly Bear, Doves, Elbow etc and now want to shake my bootay I guess. I don’t ask myself questions, I just go with it 🙂 If the build at the 3:05min mark doesn’t get you on your feet, I don’t know what will. You might want to check your pulse haha.

P.S Dear Chris Brown, stop stealing Calvin Harris’s sweet beats!


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