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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was released on Wednesday and I’ve finally gotten my hands on the  DLC. Now I’m not one to usually write about Videogame Music or even DLCs but this soundtrack is thoroughly unique and definitely deserves a review.

Blood Dragon surprised a lot of people. Popping onto the radar of gamers around April 1st, many accepted that it was it was just an elaborate April Fool’s joke with it’s ridiculous premise and bizarre setting and trailers. It was not a joke.

Blood Dragon takes place in alternate 2007 where “The apocalypse has had an apocalypse” and cyborgs are created to take down the bad dudes around the globe. The plot isn’t what’s important here. What is important is the character. Sergeant Rex Colt. He’s a patriotic guy who’s trying to save the world by taking down Sloan, a cyber commando gone rogue!

I’ll spare you the game details and get right to the soundtrack.

Blood Dragon is a borrower. Taking influences from artists like Kavinsky with 80′s synth laced tracks as well as movies like The Terminator and Tron, the OST is full of neon-soaked and synthesiser heavy tracks with thumping electronic drums to get you pumped.

Have a listen to the main theme and tell me that it wouldn’t sit perfectly in an 80′s futuristic cyber thriller :

Then check out the chilled, transcendent version of the main theme here:

Power Core combines synth keyboard and drums to give this track a great retro feel. All the songs feel familiar but are 100% fresh off the market.

Next up, we have “Sloan’s Assault” which sounds like something cut from the Tron Legacy soundtrack that Daft Punk felt was too good to include. It’s a great, fast song that screams “Derezzed”

Finally, the Terminator 2-esque song “Warzone”. With the industrial noises of clanging steel and drums, it’s easy to mistake this for the T2 Opening Music.

There you have it. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon OST is something of a gem for fans of the 80′s, synths, cyberpunk, Terminator 2, Tron, Daft Punk….. I could go on! The main thing is if you like your tracks to be 100% synth focused, get your hands on this. Oh and gamers? Do yourself a favour and download this. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to playing…Image


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