Songs For The Gym Or The Treadmill


Working out isn’t always easy to do. Problem is, in a society obsessed with physical perfection, it’s something that most of us feel like we have to do. And the worst part isn’t even the workout itself. You have to make time for it in your day, usually early in the morning or right after you get home from work or school. More specifically, you have to change into your workout clothes, drive/run/ride to the gym (some people have everything they need in their home – lucky bastards), drive/run/ride back home, take a shower, and change your clothes again! It’s really pretty time consuming.

Believe me, as a certified personal trainer, I know how hard making that time can be.

But there’s an upside to it all. Once you finally get to the gym, you get to zone out to your favorite tunes. I’m a huge music lover, but unless I’m in the car, I rarely listen. That’s why I covet my workout time so much. Of course, feeling and looking better is not a bad perk to working out either.

So, to honor that rare hour or so of uninterrupted music listening, I thought I’d list my favorite workout tracks. Now, of course, we tend to listen to different things depending on the type of workout (or at least I do), so I’ll break it down into several playlists. Also, when I work out, I tend to work out hard, so some of these songs are pretty loud and, uh, intense.

Intense Cardio (running, sprints, plyometrics, interval training, etc.)

Better Off Alone – Alice Deejay

Weightlifting (or cardio if I get tired of the first list)

Falling Down – Breaking Point

Alternate Weightlifting or Light Cardio

Pop Bottles – Birdman


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