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I’m sure you’re all aware that Daft Punk is the next best thing since kung-fu and karate, but are you completely familiar with Matisse yet? If you aren’t completely familiar of this new artist, then now is the time to soak it all in through musical osmosis! The water drop samples will surely help in the process on Matisse’ tunes!

My musical background goes back to the warm funk and disco music notes. Since 1995 thanks to house music I have had the possibility to melt all these influences in one. My djsets are overwhelming and rich in these musical references. You can listen to my djsets and productions for free. Enjoy the music!


Today, I want to talk to you about Malinalli

Malinalli from Mexico



Genre: Psy-Trance




Malinalli is a project of two musicians from Mexico, Eduardo and Jun, our contact with psychedelic music is so deep, actually we work in a new live to offering an unique music experience, Eduardo is a percussionist and Jun a guitar player, and together combine his own styles and create the sound of Space psychedelic.

Malinalli philosophy is an analogy of a tree growing to the space, as a signal to the future and life that found inside in our bodies, with this tools we start to manipulate the wild basslines, organic synthesis, unexpected rhythms and sounds.

Actually released his first EP named ‘Recording the Future’ with four powerful and consciousness tracks.

From the mix to the production, nothing that lends its hand to this composition is short of impeccable, and for that it could be nothing less than our track of the week.

More info, Malinalli Facebook

Check it out and make sure to get your copy now!