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Because of the ACA, our business is suffering through lower insurance costs for the first time ever. In spite of staff aging up, our provider has lowered our premium costs. We were accustomed to double-digit increases for most of the last decade. 

And now mom-and-pop businesses that make the sacrifice to provide insurance for their employees will have a more level playing field against those businesses that neglect their moral obligation to their workers. Consider this — if your business model depends on a paying a non-living wage and pushing your workers into the safety net (provided by others), then you are not an entrepreneur; you are an exploiter. To borrow a popular hate phrase: You are not a producer; you are a parasite.

I request that you serve the people of Missouri and reject the politics of GOP obstruction at all costs.

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In March, Ezra Klein wrote this:

Because Paul Ryan is its champion.

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And thank God for that.

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Creamfields 2011

Como es habitual, voy a hacer un resumen del último festival al que he ido que fue el festival Space of Sound 2012, este año por primera vez en la Caja Mágica de Madrid, tras el éxito del Circo de Sol (Zarkana) en el recinto del Madrid Arena (sitio habitual del Space de Año Nuevo).

Resumo los DJs que fui a ver:

-Dubfire. Empezó a animar la tarde con su sonido minimal al estilo Richie Hawting, estuvo bien, pero para mi gusto le faltó un poco de energía o sorprender un poco más a los asistentes.

Prysm, cool Indie Dance/Nu Disco music.

I am officially a Twitter addict!!! Here’s an artist from the partial list of the great music that I’ve discovered on Twitter in the last week.

Prysm from United Kingdom:

This will be more a collection of indie dance/nu disco links. Hopefully, time allowing, I will be able to do full reviews of some of these releases in the near future.

Dj Mag Top 100 Djs 2010 Analysis

Due to a leak on Twitter the results of this year’s poll are available earlier than ever. Here they are in full: –

1 Armin van Buuren (non-mover)

11 ATB (non-mover)

21 Fedde Le Grand (up 8)

31 Richie Hawtin (down 3)

41 Feel (down 11)

51 Paul Oakenfold (down 28)

61 Andy C (up 39)

71 W&W (new entry)

81 Pete The Zouk (new entry)

91 Showtek (new entry)

It seems as though those DJs who are actively using new media to garner votes are at a big advantage, the Top 100 is sprinkled with a few odd names amongst established DJs. The era of getting in the chart via extensive gigging are numbered, with a DJ more likely to chart highly if he/she produces literally anything remotely tuneful.

The lack of DJs playing non four to the floor music is worrying- especially when you consider how dubstep has emerged as a genre in the last twelve months. You have to go all the way down to No. 61 to find the first non trance/house/techno DJ Andy C. Unless David Guetta has changed his style from “house” to Mongolian breaks recently.

If you wish to increase your chances of getting into the chart you must consider changing a) your style of music to trance or b) your name to something Dutch sounding. The chart nowadays is nothing more than a bit of harmless fun (if lucrative monetarily) which DJ Magazine publishes to keep their profile high throughout the year.


The new Dj from Italy, a veteran called Paolo Esse had recently been building anticipation for the lead single, thanks to some unconventional promo.

We won’t say he’s in classic mixtape form just yet, but we’d like to think his relative dormancy lately indicates that he’s bringing a new level of focus to this album.

Stream the track above, and stay tuned for more information, including its new release date.

Some Writing Music Part 10

Good day inmates!

I hope you’re all having an enormously crazy day! It’s time for another chapter of the Harlequins writing music. I can’t believe I’ve actually created 10 of these posts. I was half expecting somebody to have told me to shut up about my music taste after the first chapter! I’ve been quite busy on getting some new poems and other miscellaneous writings complete this week. This music has helped enormously! I can’t really imagine writing in silence anymore.

Now, let us delve into the musical minds of incredible artists the world over!

Mr. Strange – Twisted Family


Skillet – Monster


The Tenth Stage – Cinderella’s Revenge


Knife Party – Bonfire


Apocalyptica – Fade to Black


And there we have it for another edition of the Harlequins writing music! I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as willing to write as much as I do without my musical backdrop. I gives me ideas, it keeps me calm and it is quite simply something I enjoy. It is almost like an unseen assistant. As always, check out all of these bands. I try to keep these lists reasonably varied so hopefully there will be something you’ll enjoy regardless what you’re musical creed is. Thank you for reading my friends!

Have a very crazy day inmates!