The History Of Selfie By Chainsmokers


Selfie” (stylized as “#SELFIE“) is a song by American DJ duo, The Chainsmokers. It was released on January 28, 2014, by Dim Mak Records/604 Records.

The Chainsmokers, composed of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, had noticed how the word selfie had become a trend and they wanted to take advantage of it. They made a demo of a song containing monologue from a female clubber about taking good selfies.Inspiration came from the regular club going girls that The Chainsmokers saw on their nights out in New York City. So when they were composing the track, they wanted to incorporate the “let’s take a selfie” line in it somehow. 


The duo released the track to their SoundCloud account along with other posts in Vine and Instagram. A music video for the song was also released and features actual selfies from Steve Aoki, founder of Dim Mak, Snoop DoggDavid Hasselhoff and Ian Somerhalder among others.The “Selfie” video and released it on January 29, 2014, on YouTube, utilizing the network of celebrities to promote it.

“Selfie” is a EDM song that is mostly instrumental though it features spoken word verses; the uncredited talking female vocals in the song is by Alexis Killacam.  The song details a narcissistic young woman at a club, presumably speaking to friends, as she is concerned about taking selfies and uploading them to her Instagram account, while she criticizes other people at the club, including their outfits, while also dealing with a guy named Jason, that she has a love/hate relationship with though she might have a crush on him as well. At the end of each spoken verse, she says “Let me take a selfie”.

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